Investment Property

If you want to invest in residential or commercial property with a hope that you will get a good return in future, then an investment home loan is absolutely perfect for you. Australian properties are generally considered a sound investment because of its steady growth over time.
We all know that investment properties are not for quick returns. At least you have to wait for 7 to 10 years, and in between, you will witness lows, highs as well as steady stints.

Housing is considered to be a long-term and solid investment as there is hardly any risk involved. Even if someone faces investment losses, tax deduction claim will cover it up entirely.

A right lender who can understand all your circumstances is quite essential. Our Extensive knowledge and guidance will help you to find the right loan options with a perfect lender in this unique, thriving environment.

What’s your preference, a house or an apartment?

House helps you to gain more capital as the price increases over time more than units. But renting a house comes with different added responsibilities. For example, you have to maintain lawns, gardens, or a pool, etc.

But when it comes to increasing the price, it may not rise as quickly as the cost of a house grows. But it’s much easier to lent or maintain an apartment depending on the size, location, and of course, condition.

Have you checked the location?

Location plays a vital role while choosing an investment property. People usually prefer property near hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc.
A professional can help you in researching price movements of the property with future predictions, targeted areas along with infrastructure improvement and vacancy rates.

Keep in mind the extras

The regular financial commitment is vital for an investment property. The extras include repair cost, water rates, maintenance cost, land rates, and a lot more.

Apartments have different extras including corporate body fees, shared amenities like a swimming pool, gym and so on.

Take advantage of the interest rate

Interest payments offer a tax deduction. High earners take significant advantage of this negatives gearing. On the other hand, if it starts generating profit you can use it to shave off your principal.

Our skilled professionals will help you to choose the right loan through which you can handle your tax situation too.

So, contact GM home loans now and get professional guidance. You’ll get to know about everything, from how to manage your investment to tax reduction or even how to avoid standard risks and a lot more vital issues.