Situations change with time. People want to refinance their home loan for many reasons including changes in their job, an addition of a new family member, the advent of school fees or even to get the idea of a better rate. If you want to revisit the finances of your home, GM Home Loans can give you the best solutions.

Refinancing can lead you in the right direction. It will help you to pay off your debt faster so that you can be stress-free. Along with that, you can pay even less.

Pay lesser amount than before

Before taking a loan make sure it will fulfill all your needs. An expert can suggest you the best possible options always. Paying lesser amount than before is absolutely possible. However, it depends on your existing interest rate and the type of your loan. It also depends on your desired loan features. All you have to do in contact GM Home Loans and our experts will explain all the suitable options for you.

Consolidate your other debts on your home loan

People usually bend towards refinancing because of the lower interest rate. You will be amazed to know that someone who has sufficient equity can consolidate all his debt into his home loan. Keep in mind that you have to repay all your consolidated debt on time. You can even pay a larger amount for an extended period. Contact us today to know more. We will tell you the best options after discussing your personal needs.

The repayment options

We have different repayment options that are flexible as well as suitable for different pay cycles. Experts always suggest going for fortnightly or if possible, weekly repayments. If you can set this aim instead of monthly payment you can get rid of your debt more quickly. Additionally, you can save your hard-earned dollars too.

Be aware of the penalty fees while switching mortgage

You may have to pay penalty fees for paying the current mortgage before time. We will let you know all the amounts included and applied according to your circumstances.
There are so many options available among which you have to choose the best one. Only an experienced professional can guide you by letting you know all the features and loan types. So, contact us now!

We'll manage everything for you

The mortgage brokers of GM Home Loans make this time consuming and overwhelming process short and hassle-free. From the mountain of products, you can choose the best one. Our experts will help you with that. We will not only answer all your questions but also do the legwork for you.

What’s your budget?

A little introspection is needed to own your first home. Do some hard work and take a look at your finances. Then determine the budget. Try to analyze how much you can afford and repay in a year. Calculate your total monthly income and expenditure. You can easily summarize how much you can repay each month. If there are any extra expenditures you have in the coming months, don’t forget to add them too while calculating your budget.

How to get approval?

After finding the best deal, you have to attend a home loan interview to get the approval. While attending this interview, be ready with all the essential documents. They will issue a pre-approval certificate or a guarantee certificate. It depends on the lender. Valuation of your desired property is crucial to make sure you are not spending extra to achieve your goal.