First Home Buyer

Buying your own home is one of the greatest achievements in life. It’s a great dream that everyone wants to fulfill. After so many sacrifices you finally find your dream home and to achieve this goal you need a great deal of determination, effort, and discipline.

Whenever you think about buying your own house different question comes in your mind like where from I borrow cash and how can I return it?

We'll manage everything for you

The mortgage brokers of GM Home Loans make this time consuming and overwhelming process short and hassle-free. From the mountain of products, you can choose the best one. Our experts will help you with that. We will not only answer all your questions but also do the legwork for you.

What’s your budget?

A little introspection is needed to own your first home. Do some hard work and take a look at your finances. Then determine the budget. Try to analyze how much you can afford and repay in a year. Calculate your total monthly income and expenditure. You can easily summarize how much you can repay each month. If there are any extra expenditures you have in the coming months, don’t forget to add them too while calculating your budget.

How much you want to borrow?

Well, the amount varies from lender to lender. The best way to get an idea is asking mortgage brokers. Our experts can tell you the borrowing limit after calculating your income assets, debts, and dependents. It also depends on whether you want to buy your first home alone or with a partner. Different online tools are also available through which you can calculate the borrowing limit.

How to get approval?

After finding the best deal, you have to attend a home loan interview to get the approval. While attending this interview, be ready with all the essential documents. They will issue a pre-approval certificate or a guarantee certificate. It depends on the lender. Valuation of your desired property is crucial to make sure you are not spending extra to achieve your goal.

Find your desired property

After determining your budget, it’s time to find out your dream home. You can take the help of the agents of real estate who will research and find out the best property for you within your budget.

Building inspections

Before buying a property, many investigations should be made. Though these inspections depend on a particular property which includes

  • Pest inspections
  • Building inspections
  • Property survey
  • Strata inspections
  • Electrical inspection

Final Settlement

On settlement day the representative swaps the cheque with the vendor and gives you the ownership. But before that several other important processes should be executed like price negotiation, legal work, etc. These steps should be in the hand of an expert only. Apart from that, you have to notify the government departments for changing the ownership. A solicitor can do this job for you. It’s time to celebrate this fantastic moment because you are now the proud owner of a sweet home. Keep in mind that GM home loans will always be there by your side to fulfill all your needs.